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Affected by the impact of raw materials today, emulsifier OP and polyethylene glycol leveling agent and other products prices

The Sinopec Sales Company in Shanghai notice, EO raised ex factory price of 200 yuan / ton, adjusted our factory price of ethylene oxide is 9300 yuan / ton.

The market dynamics of ethylene oxide are hereby analyzed as follows:

1, ethylene glycol price rise again, or by the strong price of ethylene glycol influence?. At present, the price of ethylene glycol is maintained at 7200~7500 yuan. According to the comparative analysis, ethylene oxide manufacturers change ethylene glycol, ethylene oxide per ton can increase profits of about 1500 yuan. Therefore, in the great interest, ethylene oxide enterprises limit production of ethylene oxide products more and more vigorously, the shortage of ethylene oxide shortage is also more prominent.

2, in the face of the shortage of ethylene oxide Market, has not changed the weak market in the terminal market. At present, the terminal hot products quotation still refers to the raw material cost price quotation, and continues to be operating at a loss. We believe that the impact of security, environmental remediation, the terminal market demand dropped significantly, the short supply of ethylene oxide Market, it is difficult to change the weakness of the terminal market.

3, from the ethylene oxide industry chain analysis of the status quo, this time the ethylene oxide price adjustment, will not change the shortage of ethylene oxide status. Because ethylene glycol enterprise production of ethylene glycol can still yield more than 1300 yuan per ton. Therefore, the excitement of the industry chain will not be transferred.

4, the higher the price of ethylene oxide, the stronger the combined advantages of the co production enterprises, the more competition the terminal auxiliary users face.

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