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Rising emulsifier price due to the up regulation of raw materials

The Sinopec Sales Company in Shanghai notice: ethylene oxide factory price again raised 200 yuan / ton, adjusted our factory price of ethylene oxide is 10700 yuan / ton.

The present situation of ethylene oxide industry chain is analyzed as follows:

1, in recent years, the production of ethylene oxide related raw materials continue to show concussion upward trend, to the current ethylene and methanol price estimates, ethylene oxide factory cost is maintained between 10200~11500 yuan / ton. Due to non profit management, private ethylene oxide production enterprises continue to increase the intensity of CO production, the market supply of ethylene oxide continues to decline, resulting in a hard to find goods.

2, due to the long-term shortage of ethylene oxide products, the inventory of terminal products dropped sharply, and the gross profit margin of water reducing agent increased from several percent to more than 20%. Therefore, the limited production of ethylene oxide greatly enhanced the profit margins of the industrial chain, and made the private ethylene oxide enterprises to see the limited production brought new hope.

3, in order to strengthen environmental remediation efforts, the winter limit production, stop production, shut down areas continue to expand, the impact on the commodity market is huge, some commodities have no market rules to follow, prices fluctuate dramatically.

4, the State Administration of Taxation decided to levy environmental taxes next month, the highest standard levied in Jiangsu, 200%~400% in other provinces, the operating costs of chemical enterprises will undoubtedly rise.

This chemical commodity market variables will continue to overlap, facing the complex and changeable market environment, to remind the sales staff, much attention, early predict, price volatility risk prevention. The new price will be implemented immediately.

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