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Emulsifier polyethylene glycol and other ethoxylated products prices again raised

Then the manufacturer notified, ethylene oxide prices again raised 200 yuan / ton. Year off age, ethylene oxide prices are still up, how to determine the market outlook, are analyzed as follows:
1, the recent international ethylene to maintain high turmoil, methanol prices hit a three-year high. According to the original cost estimates, ethylene oxide production costs should be maintained at 10300 ~ 13000 yuan / ton, in the face of cost pressures, ethylene oxide prices continue to rise is also reasonable.
2, year off, will be the inevitable off-season ethylene oxide chain. Coupled with the limited pollution control in winter, stop production initiatives, winter market is certainly lighter than in previous years. In this sensitive period, EO frequently raised, the market can recognize, the test of time. Unless EO large-scale production constraints, to keep EO goods in short supply, supporting prices up.
3, due to limited production, ethylene oxide products have remained in short supply since the second half. However, from the recent market performance analysis, the shortage of supply and demand has shown signs of loosening. The continued rise of EO may trigger the wait-and-see sentiment in the market and lead to greater volatility in commodity prices. Therefore, the year off, to prevent the risk of market volatility is the top priority of our sales.
4, From the analysis of the market changes of additives in our factory: The year of the year is not closed, and the purchasing psychology of the users will also change with the change of the capital chain of the enterprises due to the concentration of funds conflicts. This stage is easy to form wait and see attitude.
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